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Vik’s daycare

Hi My name is Viktoria I have a soon to be 4 year old son who is being homeschooled his year . We are looking forward to have new playmates in our home.
Location: Cardinal Creek Village Orleans/Cumberland
>I am an early childhood educator and Early intervention and Sensory integration therapist
>I have 20 years experience with kids including ones with special needs ( developmental delay , motor disability)
>I offer Play based educational program,(depending on kids age)
including weekly themes, daily circle time, active play inside or outside,craft/fine manipulation activities,sensory play…etc
>Weekly different sensory box/quiet box /creative play activities.
>Structured daily routine
>Home cooked nutritious meals (breakfast ,2 snacks and lunch
>My daycare is English / (Hungarian)
>Fun /Safe /stimulating environment
>Fenced backyard, close walk to Millstone Park
>Pet and smoke free
>Full time/ Part time care available

Looking forward hearing from you.

Last Updated: 2020-09-07


English, Hungarian

Schools Serving:


  • Backyard

  • Playground

  • Recent police record check - vulnerable sector

  • Residential neighborhood

  • Services available part-time

  • Temporary care available

  • Updated CPR and First-Aid Training


50$ for full time /day

53$ for part time/day


3 spot available 2 under 2 year old