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Linda’s Little Einsteins Daycare

Hello parents!

My name is Linda, and I’m a home childcare provider who has proudly ran a super successful home daycare for over 27yrs. I’m also a single mom of 3 myself (a 29 yr old daughter and 19 yr old boy/ girl twins).

I believe if you make learning fun, kids will love to learn! My daycare program is a mix of both education-based (like a preschool) and play-based (such as learning through play). I also did this same program with my own twins, who were homeschooled until the age of 12, at which time they were accepted into grade 9 highschool. They both graduated with honours at 16 yrs old. My daughter still lives at home with me and is currently 19 and heading into her 4 th year at Carleton university for combined honours in neuroscience and biology with a minor in archeology. (She obviously still loves to learn new things to this day!) My daycare focuses on each child’s level and helps them learn and grow at their own individual pace. We teach the basics such as alphabets, numbers, colours, shapes, etc, but also many more advanced things such as skeletal system, digestive system, solar system, life cycles, math, science, geography, reading, etc. There is no limit to what we learn here at Linda’s Little Einsteins Daycare! Many lessons can be child-led (they let me know what they want to learn about), and many are themed based on my years of knowledge of what the ages of apx 1-4 love to learn about, such as dinosaurs, aquatic life, animals, insects, the world around us, etc.

We are a very loving and inclusive sweet group. We don’t tolerate hate, bullying, or aggression towards our little friends. Children are tough to love and respect each other and all our individual likes and personalities. Children are also taught to not just help each other (help with shoes, hats, tidying, etc), but also to help others by participating in multiple charity events each year. My own family does a lot of charity work (mainly precovid, not as much since due to in-person risk). My twins each had over 2100 volunteer hours within their 4 yrs of highschool, that was not including their help with the daycare or any unsigned for hours. We bring our volunteering nature into the daycare and have them do a few charity events throughout the year as well. Some things we have done with the children/ charities we’ve worked with are Epilepsy Awareness, The Terry Fox Foundation (for apx 10 yrs now), Movember, Autism Awareness, penny drives, diaper drives, food drives for FAMSAC, clothing donations, etc.

Another thing that might make Linda’s Little Einsteins Daycare stand out from other daycares, is the way we eat. We don’t eat ANY sugars, wheat, or grains here in the home or with the daycare children. (Which means we can follow strict sugar-free, gluten-free, or ketogenic diets for children who need them.) We eat strictly a variety of veggies, meat, berries, dairy, eggs, and nuts. Because we don’t eat processed foods that are full of all those things, the majority of our food is homemade, including many dips and sauces. (I make an awesome marinara!)

We have many special themes, celebrations, and parties throughout the year. Each child will have a special party to help celebrate their birthday with all their little friends, on top of celebrating special days such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc. We also have random special days and parties such as “Shark Day”, “Pajama Day”, “Colour Day” (where kids all wear clothing of that special colour that day), etc.

There is always something fun happening here at Linda’s Little Einsteins Daycare!

If we look like we’d be a great addition to your little one’s life, please feel free to e-mail me and we can chat further!


Last Updated: 2022-08-27

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Schools Serving:


  • Backyard

  • Playground

  • Recent police record check - vulnerable sector

  • Residential neighborhood

  • Updated CPR and First-Aid Training


Weekly tuition: $300/ week


Childcare program is full time permanent care only. No part-time or temporary care offered.

September 2022 (Opening available due to little one leaving for school.)

September 2023 (Opening available due to little one leaving for school.)

September 2023 (Opening available due to little one leaving for school.)