Imagine.Create.Play Mini Resource Kit — The Family Book

Imagine.Create.Play Mini Resource Kit — The Family Book


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Kit contains the board book by Todd Parr and many felt family members: 8 men, 8 women, 8 boys, 8 girls, 8 toddlers (2 of each colour, 4 different colours), a tree, 2 monkeys, a bird, an owl, 3 fish, cat dog, mouse, turtle, hamster, 2 ducks.

Comes plain – for everyone to decorate according to their family style.

Whether you live in a tree, a house, have 2 moms, 3 dads, 5 brothers…this kit is for you. It goes along with the great book by Todd Parr – “The Family Book” . Great for Family Day and every other day as well. Add as much detail to the faces and clothes as you like! A kit to truly make your own.


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