Imagine Create Play Resource Kit- “I Care” Home Child Care


Imagine Create Play Resource Kit- “I Care” Home Child Care


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Use this kit to welcome new children to daycare and to prepare your current group for the addition of a new friend. Help the current group to understand that a new friend might feel scared, or worried, or sad at first.  Talk about ways to be kind and caring.

An original resource designed specifically with home child care in mind.  Use this lovely kit to:

  • Welcome a new child into care
  • Prepare your group for a new child
  • Talk about kindness and empathy
  • Celebrate differences
  • Ease transitions
  • Help children with separation anxiety

This kit includes:

  • The board book “A Kissing Hand for Chester Racoon”
  • An original felt transfer playscape, including a mama racoon, racoon cub, mama owl, baby owl, papa deer, fawn, and a wooded path complete with a “Welcome to child care” story script.
  • A digital handout featuring “welcome” songs/rhymes, ideas for use, sample questionnaire for new families, All About Me! template, and more!
  • A custom “Welcome to Child Care” e-booklet/video featuring your photos and choice of text.
  • CCPRN’s digital PDF e-guide for parents and providers: “Transitioning to Child Care”


This kit was created with support from a grant that we received from the Ottawa Community Foundation.


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