Imagine.Create.Play Resource Kit–Small World Play “Forest Friends”


Imagine.Create.Play Resource Kit–Small World Play “Forest Friends”


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Small world play combines various elements of imaginative, dramatic, loose parts, and sensory play.  Inspired by a child’s interest, the adult can help to gather and prepare materials which are then left for the child to manipulate and explore.  Our new I.C.P. Resource Kit provides you with the materials and inspiration to set up your own small world play invitation.  Each kit includes a soft, brown, fabric play mat (approximately 12 x 12 inches), a wooden fairy door, 6 hand-stitched “stepping stones”, a crocheted “river”, 2 embellished felt fairies, a crocheted tree, 3 wood log slices, 2 peg dolls (unpainted), green shredded paper “grass”, and two little woodland people.  The set up is as simple as laying out the play mat in a safe place (on the floor or on a table) and providing the rest of the items in a basket or bin.  The children then decide how to set up the play and where to place the individual elements.  Please note: colours/materials for the woodland people, felt fairies, and crocheted rivers are all different and unique.

Purchase our Small World Play Add-On Kit for extra elements to extend the play and learning–perfect for older children as these items are particularly small.

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