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Programs for Children FAQs

If you have any questions about your registration, please feel free to call the office at 613-749-5211 and speak with Sandra x22 or Doreen x23 we are happy to help!

A reminder e-mail will be sent to you a week to a few days before each event.


  • If you can no longer attend a workshop or event, please let us know by email or by phone. We often have a waiting list, and we sometimes wait to begin until everyone arrives.
  • Please remember that our office and the community locations we run our programs through are nut and scent free spaces, therefore we ask that you refrain from bringing in any nut products/snacks and avoid wearing any scented body care products and perfume.  Your fellow caregivers and children appreciate your cooperation for everyone’s safety and comfort.
  • Please place cell phones on vibrate or silent.
  • The children are modeling after you – when they see you sitting and listening to the presenters and facilitators, they will do it too.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register, or can I just show up at a children’s program?

Due to limited space at all our locations everyone must register prior to the event.

How do I register?

It’s easy! Simply create an account and then visit our calendar of events to register for the program(s) of your choice.  Click here to create your account.

Who do I register?

You register every person who will be attending. This includes all adults and all children who will be attending the program.

How many children can I register?

All caregivers are expected to follow current Ontario legislation. Please see Ministry Guidelines for more information.

When can I register for the children’s programs?

Every two months we release new programs on our Calendar of Events. Children’s programs have a registration start time that is announced via our e-newsletter. This is to ensure that every home child care provider and parent has had the chance to browse the Calendar and decide which programs they would like to register for.

Is there a fee for the programs?

Yes, all programs have a Member (adult membership) and Non-Member fee. Fees are listed on the Calendar of Events and can be seen when you register.

Is there a charge for the adult?

Occasionally. If there is it will be listed on the Calendar of Events.

Can I cancel my registration?

You are able to cancel your registration up to one week in advance of the program. To change your registration 7 days or less from the program date please email or call the office.

What if the program I want is full?

When the tickets for a program have sold out there will be a waiting list form for you to fill out. Enter your email in the waiting list box and we will contact you via email or phone if spaces become available.

Do I need to be a member to participate in children’s programs?

Anyone can participate in children’s programs; however, everyone must register. To register, you simply create an account on our website, select the Member or Non-Member option and then pay the corresponding fee. To become a member, click here.

Are programs offered in languages other than English?

In some instances, facilitators may run the program in French and English.  In that case, it will be noted in the description of the program. Programs that are offered in French will be written in French and will be posted on the French website.

Can I leave the children at the event to run an errand?

No, children are always the responsibility of the caregiver.  Facilitators of children’s programs are there to facilitate the program only.

Can I suggest a program and/or location?

Certainly!  We try our best to find different, fun and affordable venues for caregivers and their children.  If you know of something that other caregivers and children would enjoy, pass it on to us. As for locations, we would love to give the opportunity to all caregivers across the city to participate in events.  If you know of a location that a lot of caregivers can get to, send us the information and we will look into booking programs at that location as well.

What happens when I get to the program?

You will be required to sign in when you arrive at the location of the program.  Once per year, we require every participant’s first name and last initial. For subsequent visits/attendances you only need to add the names of new participants.

How do I know if the program is suitable for my children?

There is always a brief description of the program which will help you decide if the program is suitable for you and your specific age group.

What happens if it rains during an outdoor program?

If it is pouring rain, the program will be cancelled.  We try to offer a rain date or a refund.

What about winter weather?

If the school buses are cancelled due to bad weather, the program is also cancelled.  If possible, you will receive a refund, or an alternate date will be arranged. There may be some events for which this is not possible (i.e. if the entertainer/facilitator expects payment regardless of the weather conditions).

Workshops for Caregivers FAQs


Do I need to be a member to participate in workshops and webinars?

Everyone is welcome to attend the workshops and webinars. Workshops and webinar descriptions will make it clear if the information being shared is geared more towards home child care providers, parents, or both.

Do I need to register, or can I just show up?

Everyone must register prior to the workshop or webinar.

How do I register?

It’s easy! Simply create an account and then visit our calendar of events to register for the workshop or webinar of your choice.  Click here to create your account.

How will I know if my registration was processed correctly?

You will be able to check your account on-line to see what you have registered for and if any payment you made has been processed. You will also receive an automatically generated e-mail 1 week in advance of the event to remind you of your registration.

When can I register for the workshops and webinars?

You can register for workshops and webinars as soon as they are listed on the website.

Is there a fee for the workshops and webinars?

Yes – one for Members and one for Non-Members. All fees are listed on the Calendar of Events where you register.

Can I cancel my registration?

You can cancel your registration online (with a refund) up to a week before the event. Within 7 days of the event you can cancel (without a refund)  by calling the office or sending us an email to [email protected]. If you are unable to attend a workshop or webinar, please let us know as soon as possible. We may have others on a waiting list, or we need to cancel due to low registration. **Webinars – you may cancel and receive a refund anytime up to the start of the webinar. After the webinar has started not refunds will be issued.

What if the workshop I want is full?

When a workshop is full a waiting list is formed. You will receive a pop-up message saying that you have been placed on a waiting list. If there are enough people on the waiting list, it may be possible to offer the workshop a second time – if this happens you will be contacted via e-mail or telephone.

Are workshops and webinars offered in other languages than English?

In some instances, facilitators may run the workshop or webinar in French and English. In that case, it will be noted in the description of the workshop or webinar. Workshops or Webinars that are offered in French will be written in French and will be posted on the French website.

Can I suggest a workshop or webinar and/or location?

Absolutely! We are always looking for suggestions from our members.

What happens at a workshop or during a webinar?

Workshops and webinars are often interactive – meaning caregivers and/or parents are encouraged to participate in their own learning by asking and answering questions and by participating in small groups or online discussions.

Collaborate and Create type workshops are an opportunity for caregivers to network while creating resources and props for their children for a reasonable cost. Materials are provided and you are guided through the process of making your own resources. It is a perfect time to share ideas and suggestions for how to invite your children to play with the materials and how to extend their interests.


Ontario Ministry of Education (Information on Child Care and the Early Years)

Home Child Care and Unlicensed Child Care: How Many Children Are Allowed?

First Words

Caring for Kids (Information for Parents from Canada’s Pediatricians)

Caregivers: Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to know before I open a home daycare?

CCPRN recommends the following as Best Practices prior to opening: First Aid/CPR training, Liability insurance, Daycare Ryder (extra car insurance) on your car (if you are taking children out in the car), a written contract and other business related papers; a Police Records Check – Vulnerable Sector – for all adults in the home during daycare hours, and a smoke-free, child-proofed home. Workshops such as: Starting Your Own Home Child Care Business are also a good idea – depending on your present education level and your child care experience. CCPRN offers workshops across the City – check out our list of workshops. Please feel free to call us to discuss this further.

How many children can I have in my home child care?

As an independent home child care provider you can provide care for up to 5 children under the age of 13, including your own under the age of 4 at any one time. Please see Ministry Guidelines for the complete details.

Does CCPRN find families for me?

CCPRN is not a Home Child Care Agency – it is a Resource Centre. CCPRN provides information, training, resources and support. The support includes parents having access via our website’s ‘Find a Caregiver’ search feature to all our caregiver members. Your profile allows you to personalize your information, add pictures and links to your social media, and add details about your home child care.

Where else can I advertise to find clients?

There are many free websites for this purpose. Click here to see a list.

Can I have more children if I have a helper?

Not if you live in Ontario. Please see Ministry Guidelines.

Can two caregivers work together?

Two caregivers may work together – but they may not exceed the numbers/ratios in place for an individual caregiver. Please see Ministry Guidelines.

Can caregivers visit in each other’s homes?

As long as the premises does not exceed the maximum number of children under the current legislation, and that the age ratios are not exceeded.

Does the CCEYA apply to home child care?

Yes. Please see Ministry Guidelines for more information on how the Child Care and Early Years Act applies to home child care.

Should I take the children out in my car?

This is up to each individual and to the client families in care. It will depend on your access to a safe vehicle and to safe car seats, your driving record and comfort in driving young children, and the type of program you wish to offer the children in your care. Some believe that outings to playgroups, parks, gymnastics programs, children’s programs, etc. are invaluable to the children in their care. Others believe they can meet children’s needs better in the space of their home and the activities that they can walk to. For more information on car seats please go to

How much can I charge?

You set your fees and the terms of your written agreement. Fees are usually based on location, years of experience, education, quality of food served, type of program. Click here for our most recent survey of rates.

Can parents change the terms of my contract?

A parent cannot change the terms of your contract; however, s/he may wish to discuss certain aspects and negotiate a change with you. It is your business and you make the decisions related to it. The parent decides whether to enter the contract with you or not.

How many holidays can I take?

Caregivers are self-employed and therefore are not entitled to “paid sick time”, or “paid vacation”. To accommodate for this some caregivers charge more per day and bank the extra money for when they are sick or on holidays. Others use statements similar to the one below:

“Weekly fee for care is _____, totaling an annual amount of ______. Payment is expected for the agreed upon hours/days whether the child is in attendance or not. Payment will not vary due to statutory holidays, child’s illness or appointments or parent vacations. Fee will be negotiated if caregiver takes excess of ____days off annually.”

Another term for this is being “paid by enrolment”. The language is very important in case of an audit by Revenue Canada. If you are audited and your contract mentions “paid vacation” and “paid sick time”, Revenue Canada can request the parents pay CPP and UI Benefits. Remember also, Revenue Canada can go back 6 years.

Can I charge for days that the child isn’t there?

See note above.

Can I charge for holding a spot?

Yes you can. Please call the office for more information.

Do I have to give receipts?

Caregivers are required to give receipts yearly. Please note that parents can declare your fees even if you haven’t issued a receipt so make sure you file your returns! Caregivers are exempt from charging GST/HST.

Do I provide diapers, wipes, & baby food?

Typically the parent supplies these. Once the child is on regular food the caregiver takes over the food cost and preparation. However, this can be negotiated between the caregiver and parent and of course would be reflected in the fee paid.

How do I get in touch with other caregivers in my area?

Some ways to get in touch with other caregivers include: attending workshops, children’s programs, CCPRN social evenings and die-cutting evenings at the office, going to your local park, library and playgroups. There is also a wonderful community through our Facebook and Twitter pages where you can put a call out for caregivers in your area.