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Through CCPRN’s partnership with Natural Connections Childcare (NCC), home child care providers in Ottawa enjoy the benefits of a licensed agency affiliation without sacrificing their business independence.

Led by the belief that child care providers are capable and competent small business owners, CCPRN (through NCC) facilitates:

  • The legal addition of a 6th child to individual home child care settings (space and program permitting)
  • A significant marketing advantage: more and more parents are seeking child care from a provider who’s supported through a licensed agency
  • Honest, friendly, and supportive home visits from a team member you can trust
  • A service-oriented model: child care providers dictate what support is needed/wanted


Learn how you can leverage the benefits of this partnership today! Contact Sandra Zito at 613-749-5211 x 22 or [email protected], and visit NCC’s website.

About NCC

As a new, independent, and innovative child care service with strong community roots, NCC provides a variety of support and services for both child care providers and families of children six weeks to 13 years old. Setting the bar high with community-based, family-focused support, NCC brings a whole new dimension to childcare.

In Ontario, individuals who provide childcare from their homes cannot hold a daycare license on their own and therefore affiliate with an agency if they choose to work within the licensed sector. These agencies are regulated by the Ministry of Education, Child Care Quality Assurance and Licensing Branch. NCC is licensed to support private child care homes, and proud to offer families the support and services they need.


Who benefits from CCPRN’s partnership with NCC?

Home child care providers located within Ottawa are the ones who will primarily benefit from this partnership. However, parents whose child(ren) is placed in a home child care environment that’s affiliated with NCC can take comfort in knowing their care providers are monitored and supported by a licensed agency.

What’s the difference between NCC and a traditional child care agency?

Whereas many traditional agencies govern various aspects of a home child care provider’s business – ranging from payments to policies; paperwork to methods of communication – NCC nurtures true independence in child care providers by providing supports and services which help them deliver the best child care possible, uninhibited by excessive control methods.

What types of services does NCC provide?

NCC provides a range of services which include licensing support, coaching and mentoring, program start-up or expansion, policy development, seminars and workshops, parent consultation, and parent support.

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WCMCI FIRE & SAFETY’s partnership with CCPRN presents Ottawa home child care providers a professionally certified fire safety company as a resource for all fire and safety inspections, service, maintenance, Emergency Escape Planning (EEP), and Fire Extinguisher training needs.

Since 2015 WCMCI FIRE & SAFETY has been the exclusive, home child care providers’ fire and safety company in Ottawa, offering EEP and Fire Extinguisher Training workshops to home day care providers and agencies. WCMCI FIRE & SAFETY provides Certificates of Inspection and Training Certificates for all workshops. We wish to be your exclusive resource for all fire and safety matters.