WCMCI FIRE & SAFETY’s primary focus is to create fire & safety awareness one family at a time. Family is simply the most important influence in a child’s life. As a home daycare provider, you are also an early life influencer. You provide full-time care for babies and preschool aged children in your home until they leave your daycare for pre-school. The little ones become a part of your family and they depend on you to protect them while providing for their needs, so fire poses a tremendous childcare safety risk.

Home daycare providers need to be prepared and have a working Emergency Escape Plan in place that covers everything from health-related accidents, natural disasters, fire and, unfortunately, violence. In regard to fire, as a minimum, fire safety equipment such as smoke alarms, CO detectors, and Fire Extinguishers should be serviced and receive regular maintenance.

Planning for Fire & Safety

Since incorporating in 2015, WCMCI FIRE & SAFETY has been designing and helping implement Emergency Escape Plans (EEP) for dedicated home daycare providers throughout Ottawa. Fire safety and awareness are integral parts of effective emergency escape planning. A plan’s objectives should include Fire & Safety Precautions; Equipment Maintenance and Checklists; Fire Extinguisher Training; An Escape Plan; Fire Drills and Logs. WCMCI Fire & Safety has developed an Emergency Escape Planning Guide to help get you started. It is available to CCPRN members and non-members in the CCPRN E-store.

What other services does WCMCI Fire & Safety offer?

WCMCI FIRE & SAFERY offers a complete annual fire & safety equipment maintenance program. Smoke and CO alarms receive full service and maintenance. Each unit is tested with smoke and CO detector tester; cleaned with canned air; and receives replacement Energizer Industrial batteries. Fire Extinguisher are serviced as well. The program includes the issuance of an Inspection Certificate. A key component of this program is the education piece which is covered in the review of the Annual Inspection report.

We carry a complete line of commercial grade fire safety equipment which come with a manufacture’s warranties.

In addition, WCMCI provides, in home Fire Extinguisher Training (with Certificate), and an opportunity to put your Fire Drill into practice. We will design a computer-generated Emergency Escape Plan if it is a need. You already have your hands full, so let us help you today!

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**COVID-19: please note that during COVID we have been scheduling our services outside of normal daycare hours for safety reasons.