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Rag and Bone Puppet Theatre—Online and Awesome!

October 14, 2020

I’ve known about Rag and Bone Puppet Theatre for some time now.  I’d heard from parents and caregivers rave reviews and my own children experienced the Rag and Bone “magic of live theatre” while in elementary school.  Recently, however, I got to experience this magic myself and want to share a bit about the company and the performance with you.

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Attachment: Nurturing the Connection

September 22, 2020

“If we who are responsible for children can give a sense of belonging, a sense of significance; if we can hold onto the heart and make it safe, if we can give them a sense of being known…this creates the womb for maturation.” ~Gordon Neufeld

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Keeping You Informed: COVID-19 & CCPRN Service Delivery—Policies, Procedures, and Protocols

September 10, 2020

It’s September 1st and CCPRN is excited to announce that we are actively planning the fall calendar of events.  While many workshops and programs will be offered virtually, we do hope to offer some in-person events. Although service delivery methods have shifted as a result of COVID-19, CCPRN will continue to deliver programs and events to empower, support, and connect individuals who offer child care...

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The UV Cube for Home Child Care–An option for sterilizing toys, masks, and other small items!

August 27, 2020

When you run a home daycare, the stress and worry associated with keeping everyone safe and healthy doesn’t end at 5pm when the last of your littles is picked up for the day. Now, with COVID-19 lurking in the community, this stress and worry has been amplified to induce a hyper-vigilance—not only in constant screening for signs and symptoms of illness, but in cleaning, disinfecting,...

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Together in Caring: Advocacy Update

August 12, 2020

Advocating for quality home child care has always been a priority for CCPRN and 2020 has certainly not been an exception.   Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the CCEYA 2014 review, we have been busy asking questions, gathering information, writing letters, formulating ideas, and meeting (virtually!) with partners and key players.  Here is a look at our key messages and an update as to what we’ve...

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Talking to Children about COVID-19

July 30, 2020

With many children returning to care, you might be wondering about how exactly to approach the topic of COVID-19 with your little ones.

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Risky Play–Essential for Healthy Child Development

July 15, 2020

Risky play is exactly that—play that involves risk—usually the risk of physical injury. It is exciting and exhilarating and thrilling and, well, risky. It does, however, provide children with much needed opportunities to challenge themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally. Risky play allows children to test the limits of their abilities, develop an awareness of risk, and feel in control of their actions.

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The Value of Play

July 2, 2020

Through play, children are able to express their ideas, explore who they are, test out emerging theories, engage their creativity, and practice essential skills. In a time when children are trying to understand the pandemic and its implications relative to their lives—processing what they see and hear in their community, at child care, and at home—it is important to take a minute to acknowledge and...

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Sensory Bottles and Bags—Ideal for Individual Sensory Exploration

June 25, 2020

Preparing to embrace and move forward with a new sense of “normal” provides a perfect opportunity to reflect upon and be creative when selecting toys and other items for play.  While the more traditional type of sensory play (small open bins of material with groups of children exploring together) is currently being discouraged, individual sensory exploration can and should be included as an option for...

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COVID-19 Q&A with the Ministry of Education–UPDATED JUNE 10 2020

April 17, 2020

Question and answer exchange with Shannon Fuller from the Ministry of Education.

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