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Baby Bear Daycare

Baby Bear Daycare
My name is Katherine; I am a mom and a caregiver of 10 years. I am a
• Registered Early Childhood Educator
• Registered Practical Nurse retired
• CPR and First Aid certified
• Experience with children with special needs

My Daycare has:
• Nutritional lunch and two snacks
• Circle time with Rhymes, songs and stories
• Age appropriate learning including numbers, letter, manners and getting along with friends
• Age appropriate toys
• Well lit space with toys, books and space to play make believe
• House is child proof and has gates on all stairs
• Backyard with large fenced in area for playing and running
• Clean, air-conditioned house, pet free, smoke free
• Communication books and private Facebook page for parents to keep up with daily daycare activities

Last Updated: 2022-08-04

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Schools Serving:


  • Backyard

  • Playground

  • Recent police record check - vulnerable sector

  • Residential neighborhood

  • Updated CPR and First-Aid Training




immediate availability for one over 2 yo September to June