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Located in Fallingbrook area of Orleans near St. Peter’s High School (Charlemagne/Merkley).

Main floor playroom dedicated to the daycare.

Our days are flexible, and learning is geared to the developmental level and interests of each child. Books and reading play an important part in our day. The feltboard is used extensively in our lessons and the children enjoy the many learning resources I have created for them. This way I can tailor the learning to meet the goals set for each child. We have blocks of child directed play as well as times when we learn together. We enjoy a main floor playroom so that our play and learning begins as soon as the first child arrives. We also enjoy a second larger playroom with interest areas for all ages. Large deck with playhouse and riding cars as well as fenced yard with climber, sandbox, soccer net, etc. No pets, no pool, no smoking inside or outside. No school age children so we do not have our days disrupted by school bus runs.

I am trained as an elementary school teacher and have taken ECE races. Raised 4 children of my own including a child with special needs. Receipts for tax purposes given with each payment. My program is English only.


Last Updated: 2021-08-11

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  • Backyard

  • Residential neighborhood


$45 per day


One space for a child over age 2