Live Caterpillars Set of 3

Live Caterpillars Set of 3


A wonderfully engaging and educational experience for all! Order today and pick-up your live caterpillars (tentative date: May 8th 6:30pm-8pm) from one of four Ottawa locations (Kanata, Barrhaven, Orleans, and Central options available).

Observe and enjoy watching them grow. After 1-2 weeks they will transform into the chrysalis and in 8-10 days will emerge as butterflies. Observe and enjoy the butterflies for a few days and then release them outside. Each caterpillar comes with its own food supply. Every order includes a detailed digital handout with care instructions and extension activities.  You will need to provide a container or enclosure suitable for the butterflies – a mesh laundry hamper with a zipper closure works well.

Please note: Caterpillars are living creatures and sometimes do not survive.  We are unable to offer refunds or returns.  All sales are final.

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