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Workshops for Caregivers FAQs


Do I need to be a member to participate in workshops and webinars?

Everyone is welcome to attend the workshops and webinars. Workshops and webinar descriptions will make it clear if the information being shared is geared more towards home child care providers, parents, or both.

Do I need to register, or can I just show up?

Everyone must register prior to the workshop or webinar.

How do I register?

It’s easy! Simply create an account and then visit our calendar of events to register for the workshop or webinar of your choice.  Click here to create your account.

How will I know if my registration was processed correctly?

You will be able to check your account on-line to see what you have registered for and if any payment you made has been processed. You will also receive an automatically generated e-mail 1 week in advance of the event to remind you of your registration.

When can I register for the workshops and webinars?

You can register for workshops and webinars as soon as they are listed on the website.

Is there a fee for the workshops and webinars?

Yes – one for Members and one for Non-Members. All fees are listed on the Calendar of Events where you register.

Can I cancel my registration?

You can cancel your registration online (with a refund) up to a week before the event. Within 7 days of the event you can cancel (without a refund)  by calling the office or sending us an email to If you are unable to attend a workshop or webinar, please let us know as soon as possible. We may have others on a waiting list, or we need to cancel due to low registration. **Webinars – you may cancel and receive a refund anytime up to the start of the webinar. After the webinar has started not refunds will be issued.

What if the workshop I want is full?

When a workshop is full a waiting list is formed. You will receive a pop-up message saying that you have been placed on a waiting list. If there are enough people on the waiting list, it may be possible to offer the workshop a second time – if this happens you will be contacted via e-mail or telephone.

Are workshops and webinars offered in other languages than English?

In some instances, facilitators may run the workshop or webinar in French and English. In that case, it will be noted in the description of the workshop or webinar. Workshops or Webinars that are offered in French will be written in French and will be posted on the French website.

Can I suggest a workshop or webinar and/or location?

Absolutely! We are always looking for suggestions from our members.

What happens at a workshop or during a webinar?

Workshops and webinars are often interactive – meaning caregivers and/or parents are encouraged to participate in their own learning by asking and answering questions and by participating in small groups or online discussions.

Collaborate and Create type workshops are an opportunity for caregivers to network while creating resources and props for their children for a reasonable cost. Materials are provided and you are guided through the process of making your own resources. It is a perfect time to share ideas and suggestions for how to invite your children to play with the materials and how to extend their interests.


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